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We are experts in machinery to copy all types of keys

Novaclau Maquinaria 2021 SL is a recently renewed company, with 65 years of experience in the manufacture of key copying machines. Direct service of key duplicators in Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Lleida and Girona. We cover all of Spain and France. We export to several countries in Europe and South America.

logo Maquinas Duplicadoras de Llaves NOVACLAU

 A solution for every need

we have onemachine for every need and each type of key. We also have a mixed machine that does it all.

Experience & Innovation

65 years of experiencewith a young and renewed team to build machines optimized for theirsmaximum durability and the simplest maintenance.

All our machines and components are from100% national manufacture

Service  custom

A team dedicated to advice and salesthat will never leave you alone.
We offer thebetter After-sales, start-up, point-to-point adjustment and maintenance

Logo Novaclau, Maquinaria para el duplicado de llaves

...for 65 years, NOVACLAU, specialists in Key Duplicating Machines

Manufacture, Repair and Replacement of key duplicating machines. Jaws and Cutters. Probes for making copies of saw keys,single bit, double bit, car keys, point keys, safety keys, double-pallet keys, regatta keys and all kinds of special keys.

maquinas copiadoras de llaves


maquinas copiadoras de llaves

Consult our lineMAQUITROKof die cutting machines and accessories 

Maquinaria per a duplicar claus Novaclau 2021 SL

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